Wo De She You Bu Ke Neng Na Me Ke Ai (2023)

Native Title: 我的舍友不可能那么可爱
Drama: Wo De She You Bu Ke Neng Na Me Ke Ai
Country: China
Episodes: 0
Airs: 2023 – ?
Content Rating: Not Yet Rated
Also Known As: 我的舍友不可能那麼可愛


Xiao Ran Xin Shen Jin Xuan (Main Role)


The silent night was approaching 9:30, and the lights in the classrooms of Building A in the teaching area were all turned off. Zhou Qian, who was walking halfway, was blown by the night wind, and then he remembered his jacket in the classroom.

“Hey, I forgot to take my clothes, so you can go back first.””What memory do you lose, and you will lose yourself tomorrow.”Zhou Qian said a few words to him in confusion, and waved his hand with a smile. , turned around and walked towards building a.

To be honest, Zhou sent them to university to be really poor.At 9:30 at night, there were no people leading to the A building, and it was a narrow road.

If you swept away, there was just a solitary crooked neck lamp standing there pitifully, swaying a dim yellow light that was half-bright.
Really sad.

Zhou Qian had no idea. He walked into Building A on his own, and when he reached the aisle, he had some goosebumps after realizing it.It’s so fucking dark.

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