Wo Cai Bu Yao Tan Jie Di Li An (2023)

Native Title: 我才不要谈姐弟恋
Drama: Wo Cai Bu Yao Tan Jie Di Li An
Country: China
Episodes: 0
Airs: 2023 – ?
Content Rating: Not Yet Rated
Also Known As: 我才不要談姐弟戀
Genres: Romance


Pan Xiao Xue Gu Nian (Main Role)

Jia Wei Geng Xing Chen (Support Role)


[Dance teacher with a cold temperament × young, milky and clingy college student] [It has been planned for a long time]Before we got together, Chen Yuning expressed his heart to Shi Yun for the first timeChen Yuning: “Is my sister missing a boyfriend?”Shi Yun: “Do you want to ?

Introduce me?”Chen Yuning was stunned for a while, why is this woman’s brain circuit different from what he thought.In the end, Chen Yuning replied with three words of Shi Yun:

“You are dreaming!”Shi Yun: “…”On the day the two were together, Chen Yuning posted a photo of the two in the circle of friends.Chen Yiyi commented: ?And quickly made a phone call to Shi Yun:

“I heard that my younger brother and sister are you?”Shi Yun: “Uh… yeah.”

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