We Got Game (2022)

The story of drama “We Got Game” tells that the college basketball team came to the community to sweep the court, and the neighbors were unwilling to be occupied by the basketball court, so they challenged them, and finally beat them back.

After the college basketball team was humiliated and the neighborhood was completely defeated, the two sides made an oath for the sake of face, and they would fight again in six weeks.

Neighbors then traveled all over Hong Kong, challenged the streets of various districts, and gradually became an organized regular basketball team.

Native Title: 季前賽

Also Known As: Pre-Season , Ji Qian Sai , Gwai Chin Choi , 季前赛
Genres: Friendship, Sports


Drama: We Got Game
Country: Hong Kong
Episodes: 15
Airs: Oct 24, 2022 – Nov 11, 2022
Airs On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Original Network: ViuTV
Duration: 45 min.
Content Rating: Not Yet Rated


Louis Cheung Chan Seung Po Main Role
Keung To Ko Ka Hau Main Role
Stanley Yau Cheung Chi Leung Main Role


Hau is a hard-working fast food restaurant staff. Despite his hectic schedule, he plays basketball on a public basketball court early in the morning. He has not taken part in any matches ever since he was bullied back in high school.

One day, a group of young men forcefully take over the public basketball court. Angered by their behaviour, Bo randomly picks Hau, Leung and Tak to form a team to play against the young men.

At first, the group of strangers have absolutely no chemistry at all. However, with their unique styles and Bo’s coaching, they manage to defeat their opponents.

While they get a sense of achievement on the basketball court, the trio each have their own problems and feel lost when they are off court. Basketball is their only way to escape reality.

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