Twinkling Stars (2023)

Native Title: 一闪一闪心心宇
Drama: Twinkling Stars
Country: China
Episodes: 20
Airs: 2023 – ?
Content Rating: Not Yet Rated
Also Known As: Yi Shan Yi Shan Xin Xin Yu , 一閃一閃心心宇
Genres: Romance


Gu Lan Di Tang Yu Tong (Main Role)

Kang Xi Tong Yu Xin (Main Role)

Siwaige Tang Yu Zhou (Support Role)

Meng En Shen Zhi Zhou (Support Role)


Lin Beixing, a senior girl who is about to enter her 30s, has passed her dream of love because of her boyfriend Zhan Yu’s broken contract, and her life and work have become a mess.

As a joke, Lin Beixing unexpectedly returned to the age of eighteen. The third year of high school was a nightmare, but Lin Beixing planned to retake the college entrance examination, get rid of Zhanyu, and live anew for himself.

boy breaks. Zhang Wansen’s accidental encounter after the college entrance examination became the switch to end Lin Beixing’s time and space journey. Lin Beixing began to investigate the cause of Zhang Wansen’s death and began a big battle to save Zhang Wansen.

The days in high school were romantic and short, and Lin Beixing’s changes allowed her to reap the beauty that she had neglected.

With the arrival of summer, Lin Beixing also found that she not only saved Zhang Wansen, the eternal school tyrant, but also saved the boy’s treatment of her. Since childhood, it has been like the love of the stars and the sea.

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