The Season of Kkok Du (2022)

It is a fantasy human medical drama with a different type of story that tells the story of a death god, a puppet who goes on vacation every 99 years, and works as a visiting doctor after meeting a female doctor who treats him like a servant.

Native Title: 꼭두의 계절
Drama: The Season of Kkok Du
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 16
Airs: Nov, 2022 – ?
Airs On: Friday, Saturday
Original Network: MBC
Content Rating: Not Yet Rated
Also Known As: Kkogduui Gyejeol
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Medical, Fantasy


Kim Jung Hyun Kkok Du / Do Jin Woo (Main Role)

Im Soo Hyang Han Gye Jeol (Main Role)

Kim Da Som Tae Jung Won (Main Role)

Cha Chung Hwa (Support Role)


Season of Kokdu’ is a fantasy romance in which Kokdu, a god of death who comes down to this world to punish humans every 99 years, meets Han Han-jeol, a doctor with mysterious abilities, and works as a visiting doctor.

Writers Kang Yi-heon and Heo Jun-woo of the drama ‘Bad Detective’, Baek Su-chan, who directed ‘Alice’, ‘Reunited World’ and ‘Beautiful Gong-shim’, and Kim Ji-hoon, ‘Check the Event’ PD, work together to create a special romance that goes back and forth between the afterlife and this world.

Foreshadowing to draw a story.Kim Jung-hyun takes on the role of Kok-doo, the eccentric guide of the underworld. Kokdu is a ‘god of the underworld’ who has to lead a dead man in the afterlife for living the wrath of his creator, and in this life he must enter a human body that looks just like him, find human garbage, and repeat the murder.

The reason why he is suffering from eons of suffering raises the question of whether the puppet, who will be possessed by the human body of Do Jin-woo, can break the cursed life while wrapped in a veil.

Lim Soo-hyang takes on the role of Han Han-jeol, depicting the life of a doctor who graduated from the last medical school in the country. After losing her mother at a young age and having an accident except for her younger brother, the limitless temple became infinitely smaller in the eyes of a society that only treats doctors at prestigious universities. In front of her, Do Jin-woo, who takes her side for the first time in her life, appears in front of her, and her daily life changes.

In this regard, attention is also focused on Im Soo-hyang’s transformation, which will bring life to the day of the turbulent Hanjeol character. The production team of ‘Kokdu Season’ said, “The passionate performances of actors Kim Jung-hyun and Im Soo-hyang are making the filming site more lively.

Everyone working on the film, including the two actors, is working hard to create a good work, so with the help of many people. We ask for your interest and anticipation for ‘The Season of Kokdu’ to be completed.”

Previously, Kim Jung-hyun was embroiled in a controversy over the fact that she had caused damage by refusing to film skinships and demanding unreasonable script changes according to the instructions of actress Seo Ye-ji,

who was in a romantic relationship during the filming of the MBC drama ‘Time’, which left early in 2018. In response, he personally posted a handwritten statement and apologized to all officials including the lead actor Seohyun.

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