The Queen’s Knight (2023)

Native Title: 女王的骑士
Drama: The Queen’s Knight
Country: China
Episodes: 20
Airs: 2023 – ?
Content Rating: Not Yet Rated
Also Known As: Nu Wang De Qi Shi , 女王的騎士
Genres: Romance


Ma Jia Ming Liu Jia Dong (Main Role)

Yu Xin Tian Zhang Ran (Main Role)

Ju Hao (Support Role)


“The Queen’s Knight” tells the story of a gold medal bodyguard Liu Jiadong (played by Ma Jiaming) who met Zhang Ran (played by Yu Xintian), the heir of the Summit Group, on the banks of the beautiful Fuchun River.

By chance, Liu Jiadong received the task of protecting Zhang Ran. People have gone through all kinds of hardships, developed feelings, and finally came together, and defeated the forces of darkness and brought them to justice .

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