Stephany Haery Kim (김스테파니헤리)

Stephany Haery Kim is an advertising model and a TikTokker active in the social media video application TikTok .


Name: Kim Stephany Haery
Birth: February 28, 1999 (23 years old) brazil
Nationality: South Korea flag (Kim)
Body: 166cm, 43kg
Family: Parents, younger sister Rachel Yuri Kim
Education: Seokgwan High School (Graduated) Native name: 김스테파니헤리 Also Known as: 김헤리, 김스테파니, 스테파니헤리김, Kim Hae Ri, Stephany Kim

Stephany Haery Kim Plot:

Born February 28, 1999 in Brazil. He is one of the most popular TikTok players, with 2 million followers and 31.7 million likes on TikTok. she was famous for his resemblance to Sulli from the beginning of uploading the video, and comments in the video often say that he resembles Sulli.

She is also active as a TikTokker and model. Starting with the MLB advertisement model.

she has also worked as a model for the Galaxy A40 model , tvN logo song advertisement, dental model , and Medicube advertisement model. Even within TikTok, it is famous for quickly bringing what is popular in other countries and starting it in Korea.

In addition , she has lived in Thailand for 10 years and is multilingual , fluent in Korean , Thai , English , and Chinese .

TMI: I once said that I am a non-marriage on Instagram, and I can often see my younger brother [Rachel Kim] and my sister in reality, a different sister in my Instagram story.

Broadcast appearance: Real Sisters, Mission Insider, Daily Room, etc.

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