Speakers of Law (2022)

” Speakers of Law ” (English: Speakers of Law ) is a fashion legal TV series produced by Hong Kong Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. , starring Ma Guoming , Lin Xiawei , Zhang Yingkang and Huang Jiale , and starring Jiang Zuman , Ding Zilang , He Yiting , Rong Tianyou , Zhang Dalun and Hai Junjie jointly performed, and produced by Liu Jiahao and Chen Zhijiang .

Native Title: 法言人
Drama: Speakers of Law
Country: Hong Kong
Episodes: 25
Airs: Nov 14, 2022 – Dec 16, 2022
Original Network: TVB Jade
Content Rating: Not Yet Rated
Also Known As: Fa Yan Ren , Faat Yin Yan
Genres: Thriller, Law


Kenneth Ma Gam Bing Shun (Main Role)

Rosina Lin Tin Yau Ga (Main Role)

Jonathan Cheung Ma Wai Hung (Main Role)

Stephen Wong Yu Kwok Dong (Main Role)

Alex Yung Wong Sue Cho (Main Role)

Regina Ho Ding Kei (Main Role)


This drama uses law as the background of the drama series and tells the story of a group of elite lawyers who speak out for justice through touching cases big and small.

This drama is one of twelve episodes of the Anniversary Program Tour 2022 .

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