Shinso wa Mimi no Naka (2022)

Native Title: 真相は耳の中

Also Known As: The Truth Is in My Ears , Shinsou wa Mimi no Naka
Screenwriter: Tomori Atsuki, Yamada Yoshitatsu
Director: Kuwajima Kenji
Genres: Mystery, Comedy


Drama: Shinso wa Mimi no Naka
Country: Japan
Episodes: 12
Airs: Oct 22, 2022 – ?
Airs On: Saturday
Original Network: TV Tokyo
Duration: 30 min.
Content Rating: Not Yet Rated


Ihara Tsuyoshi Imai Joji (Main Role)
Tsutsui Ayame Imai Mei (Main Role)
Morinaga Yuki Kamochi Goro (Support Role)


This work is a comedy mystery in which a detective on the edge of a cliff with “zero investigative ability” solves a case triggered by a podcast of a mystery otaku’s daughter.

Joji Imai, a detective on the edge of a cliff with the lowest arrest rate at the station, is told by his boss one day that he will be transferred to the clerical side if the criminal cannot be arrested in the next case. In such a predicament, a murder case occurs.

Joji was determined to arrest the criminal this time, but the detective’s intuition was all gone… In resignation mode, Joji, a junior detective and rich man, listened to a certain mystery otaku mystery podcast .

“The truth is.” It was in my ears… Tsuyoshi Ihara plays Joji Imai, a detective on the edge of a cliff who is sentenced to transfer because his intuition as a detective is so bad that he is called “Joji the Escape”. Ayame Tsutsui of Nogizaka46 will play Mei Imai, the daughter of Joji Imai, a “mystery otaku”

whose hobby is a mystery podcast thathides from his father and talks about his favorite mystery masterpieces. Yuki Morinaga will play Police Sergeant Goro Kamochi, who admires Joji and recommends the mystery podcast “The Truth is in the Ear” Yurika Nakamura will play Kana Mukojima, a sharp-tongued forensic officer.

This work shows the excitement unique to the collaboration with Spotify, such as the distribution of the podcast-linked program of Mei played by Tsutsui. The new song “Time Travel Melon” to be released on October 19 by the four-member band Orange Spiny Club from Ibaraki Prefecture has been decided as the theme song for the drama. Orange Spiny Club said.

“When I received the offer for the theme song, I had heard that it was a detective drama, so I imagined a serious story, and I was a little worried about whether the song would fit in with the drama’s worldview.

However, After reading the script, once again, ‘Time Travel Melon’ matches the comical expressions and the interaction between Mei and Joji, and we arevery happy.” He also sent a message saying, “The theme song ‘Time Travel Melon’ is a song with a hidden setting that if you eat a melon, you can time leap into the past. Please be aware of that and listen to it along with the drama.

” moreover , The 60-second preview video of the drama has also been lifted. A murder that happened on the edge of a cliff, a big deal that put the life of a detective at stake… Joji is serious, but why is it a comedy? Expectations are high for the comedy mystery that will be solved by the daughter’s “secret buddy”.

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