Shadow Enemy (2022)

Native Title: ชาติพยัคฆ์คมนักเลง

Also Known As: Chart Payak Khom Nak Laeng
Screenwriter: Bhumiphandin
Director: Thongkorn Srithaptim
Genres: Action


Drama: Shadow Enemy
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 10
Airs: Oct 20, 2022 – ?
Airs On: Wednesday, Thursday
Original Network: Channel 7
Content Rating: Not Yet Rated


Kem Hussawee Pakrapongpisan (Main Role)
Hana Lewis (Main Role)
White Kulthawat Buacharoen (Support Role)


When.. Awitchaya black magic has flourished. Buddha’s Warrior The white line had to appear.
A battle full of magic, love, death and… a spirit that awaits revenge.

Major General Thamrongchat Chartpayak (Hasavee Phakphongphaisan), a military officer with a strong white line of magic. brave Take off your mind to fight with Herm (Chatchai Ngamsan), the sorcerer of black magic beasts. Snow has a bad habit. Killing people and taking them to worship to increase the invincibility The two of them fought relentlessly.

use cunning Escape the fight, bring the mind into the body. To destroy Thamrongchat’s body, but Usa (Kamonrat Tanon), Thamrongchat’s fiancee, blocks him. therefore was slaughtered Thamrongchat is very sad Blame it on your own fault for causing her death.

Government intelligence agencies and police departments It is discovered that the stepfather Sanchai (Phutharit Prombandan), the most influential mafia of Ban Pha Fah Rong, runs illegal business. no matter the drug or trade in illegal weapons Later, he collaborated with Dr.

Kudikov (Nithidet Cheychanpli), a Russian scientist. Production of biological weapons for sale on the black market causing many nations to be harmed The authorities tried to send officials to investigate the matter.

but did not have any clues, so he sent Thamrongchat To help investigate this case, Thamrongchat appeared at Ban Pha Fah Rong in the name of Chat Payak, a wandering gangster.

Police Lieutenant Komprat Prabphairi (Thanakorn Sribanchong), a high-class police officer who loves virtue and justice. Is a spy of the Special Suppression Unit to investigate this case in the form of a gangster named Kom Nakgang by sending two young men to be late, secretly made even by a major police officer such as Pol Lt. Gen.

Wicha (Werayut Nancha) ) I don’t know As for Ban Pha Fah Rong, there is also a platoon Kulthawat Buacharoen, a young and energetic police officer who comes to the police station to thwart the Mafia movement amid the displeasure of Inspector Patchara (Dr. Piyawat) Chull Chakwongsa) and Sergeant Amnat (Suriya Kaewthanong) when two spies meet.

without knowing the true position of the other party and when the two of them fought So he knew that different people had magic, especially the gangster, who, as you can see, that Chat Payak had extraordinary skills.

Kamnanchot (Ekpan Banluerit), wealthy widower but has virtues to help villagers who are in trouble Kamnanchot has two daughters, Chanchai (Yanisa Theerathorn) and Rungrawee (Hana Lewis). Chanchai is an elementary school teacher.

With a neat and sweet personality, he is loved by students and teachers together. While Rungrawee works to help with the affairs of the house. Make her have a strong character, decisive, gangster, not afraid of anyone.

Chat Phayak has come to work with Kamnanchot. After helping Kamnan Chot’s life But Rungrawee suspected that Chat Phayak might be the one sent by his stepfather Sanchai, so he kept an eye on Chat Phayak, the Kamnan Chot did not believe.

But he could see that Chat Payak was not an ordinary wanderer. But why would you come to Ban Pha Fah Rong?

On the side of Kom Nak, the gangster created a situation to become the line of stepfather Sanchai. Stepfather Sanchai was satisfied with his fighting skills. therefore accepted to work with intelligence and heart Therefore, it is a favorite of the stepfather, causing Sakarn (Poolpat Atthapunyaphol), the son of Sanchai’s stepfather.

Desperate and jealous, and Kam Nak Gang is also a devil at heart because Chan Jai looks like him, and Khom Nak Gang fell in love with Chan Jai from the first time he saw it, but didn’t dare to show it.

but he secretly protects the moon from the heavens and misunderstands that Chanchai is interested in the Tiger and when Chat Phat meets Chan Chai reminds him of Usa because they have many similar habits Rungrawee misunderstood that Chat Payak was interested in Chanchai, but Chat Payak felt encouraged and felt good when he was with Rungrawee. But she was in a stubborn stance. always find him

Chat Payak found that there was a mystical forest at Ban Pha Fah Rong. rumored to have demons causing no villagers to dare to interfere with Chat Phayak trying to investigate But there is a very tight workforce.

The nation suspects this is a secret base for producing bioweapons. And he also meets with an old enemy (Chatchai Ngamsan) who cooperates with his stepfather Sanchai.

Rungrawee began to see the shadow of a woman following her in many places. Whether in a dream or awakening, Chat Phayak can only be surprised.

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