Shadow Detective (2022)

Native Title: 형사록

Also Known As: Old Detective , Veteran Detective , Hyeongsarok , Neulgeunhyeongsa , Neulgeun Hyeongsa , 늙은 형사
Director: Han Dong Hwa
Genres: Mystery, Crime, Drama


Drama: Shadow Detective
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 8
Airs: Oct 26, 2022 – ?
Airs On: Wednesday
Content Rating: Not Yet Rated


Lee Sung Min Kim Taek Rok (Main Role)
Jin Goo Gook Jin Han (Main Role)
Kyung Soo Jin Seong Ah (Main Role)


The four-person character poster, released on the 14th, captures the complex and subtle feelings of Kim Taek-rok (Lee Seong-min), Kook Jin-han (Jin-goo), Lee Seong-ah (Kyung Su-jin), and Son Kyung-chan (Lee Hak-joo) facing a mysterious murder case.

Veteran detective Kim Taek-rok, who was accused of murder by an unidentified blackmailer ‘Friend’, is facing someone with intense eyes along with the phrase “I’m looking forward to catching you.” Jinhan Kook, the new head of the investigation department,

who is chasing the truth in the endless incidents and accidents since the Geumoh Police Station was issued, said, “Everyone is pointing to just one person.”
Detective Lee Seong-ah, a junior detective who has solved numerous cases with Taek-rok,

is shocked when she encounters an unbelievable case. Nevertheless, he believes in Taek-Rok until the end, saying, “Because you have always been the same.” Sohn Kyung-chan, a parachute rookie detective who came to the Geumo Police Station with admiration for Taek-rok, said with full of enthusiasm,

“I am going straight. It’s a disadvantage, but I think it’s an advantage.”The video of the strong team at the Geumoh Police Station, which was also released together, showed the appearance of four detectives at the Geumoh Police Station who boast the strongest teamwork. “A lot of people talk about the detective.

If you don’t catch it, you’ll get caught.” You can also see the contrasting image of Seong-ah, who relentlessly sweeps away criminals, and Kyung-chan, who appeals to him with his energetic appearance. After the scene of Seong-ah worrying about Taek-rok, which is different from usual, “I am being threatened.

Help me catch him,” Taek-rok asked, and the four people who started a full-fledged investigation were drawn side by side. Expectations are high about what will happen in the future to the four members of the Geumoh Police Station’s strong team who have gathered to catch ‘Friends’.

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