Revenge of Others (2022)

Native Title: 3인칭 복수

Drama: Revenge of Others
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 12
Airs: Nov, 2022 – ?
Content Rating: 18+ Restricted (violence & profanity)
Also Known As: 3inching Bogsu , Third Person Revenge
Screenwriter: Lee Hee Myung
Director: Kim Yoo Jin
Genres: Thriller, Drama


Shin Ye Eun Ok Chan Mi Main Role

Lomon Ji Soo Heon Main Role

Seo Ji Hoon Seok Jae Beom Main Role


Third Person Vengeance’ tells the story of Chan-mi, who searches for the truth about the death of her twin brother, and Soo-heon, who starts revenge against an unfair world, gets caught up in a shocking incident that shook her life.

Shin Ye-eun takes on the role of Chan-mi Ok, a former high school shooter who uncovers the truth about her twin brother’s death, and Romon takes on the role of Ji-soo-heon, a boy who takes revenge on the marginalized at school.

Seo Ji-hoon plays Seok Jae-beom, who searches for traces of an incident in lost memories, and Chae Sang-woo gives tension to the decomposition play with Ki Oh-seong, who looks perfect but cannot understand the inside.

Lee Soo-min plays Kuk Ji-hyeon, a girl who has a secret that she doesn’t want others to know, and Soo-bin plays Tae So-yeon, a girl who proposes revenge to Soo-heon.

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