Love Me in Three Days (2023)

In this era where love exists, “Is the love that needs thinking still love?” It directly hits the pain points of love relationships, and develops unforgettable love with the interlaced time and space of the protagonists around eight years ago.

Native Title: 时限三天爱上我
Drama: Love Me in Three Days
Country: China
Episodes: 0
Airs: 2023 – ?
Content Rating: Not Yet Rated
Also Known As: Shi Xian San Tian Ai Shang Wo , 時限三天愛上我
Genres: Romance


Tan Yan Yan (Main Role)

Vin Zheng (Main Role)


“Fall in Love with Me in Three Days” is an urban youth love drama. It mainly tells the story of the bride Xia Luoli on the wedding day, who witnessed her fiance Jiang Xincheng cheating on her best friend, and accidentally kissed the other party when she beat the scumbag.

After the kiss, Jiang Xincheng He suddenly turned into a strange man named Shu Anqi. He is the president of Xinluo Group, Yifan. A few years ago, he was affected by the side effects of the experimental drug experiment and got a strange disease that would change his shape.

He would change if he had physical contact with others for five seconds It takes three days to get back to her original appearance.

Yifan finds that as long as he kisses Charlotte, he can instantly change into his original appearance, so he regards her as an antidote for his illness, and uses her as an antidote.

The tone of the notice told Charlotte that he had decided to marry her. The hot-tempered Charlotte wanted to reject Shan Shan, but she unexpectedly met Shan Chen Xing, the younger brother of Shan Shan, the top idol, and the star-chasing girl Char Luo began to have an affair. ordinary life.

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