Kioku Sosa 3 – Shinjuku Higashi-sho Jiken Fairu (2022)

Memory Investigation- Shinjuku Higashisho Case File-” is a detective drama series that has been broadcast on TV Tokyo ‘s ” Friday 8 o’clock drama ” since 2019. The lead actor is Kinya Kitaoji.

Native Title: 記憶捜査3~新宿東署事件ファイル~
Drama: Kioku Sosa 3 – Shinjuku Higashi-sho Jiken Fairu
Country: Japan
Episodes: 10
Airs: Nov 4, 2022 – ?
Airs On: Friday
Original Network: TV Tokyo
Duration: 54 min.
Content Rating: Not Yet Rated
Also Known As: Kioku Sosa 3 – Shinjuku Higashi-sho Jiken File
Genres: Thriller, Mystery


Kitaoji Kinya Onizuka Ichiro (Main Role)

Kazama Shunsuke Jin Keitarou (Main Role)

Kamishiraishi Mone Tooyama Saki (Main Role)


One year ago, Ichiro Onizuka , a detective in the Shinjuku Higashi Police Station ‘s Criminal Investigation Division , who was nearing retirement age , rushed to the scene after receiving a report that a murder had occurred on Waseda Street in the Shinjuku neighborhood.

Onizuka, who knows all the roads in Shinjuku, arrests the suspect with his outstanding memory and investigative ability, but at that time he is stabbed by the suspect and loses the function of both legs.

Onizuka was forced to live in a wheelchair, but a year later he was reappointed as chief of justice at the Shinjuku Higashi Police Station, which appreciated his excellent memory and investigative abilities.

While Onizuka is on duty with Saki Toyama , who has been assigned from the Shinjuku West Police Station Regional Affairs Division Regional Affairs Section to the Shinjuku East Police Station Criminal Division Judicial Section, Kami , who was a former administrator of the Metropolitan Police Department Criminal Investigation Division 1st Division .

Keitaro has been sent to the Shinjuku Higashi Police Station as a detective. Onizuka is curious about the case that the investigator in charge of the case treated as a suicide, and begins investigating with Toyama and God.

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