GAP (2022)

Mon, a newly graduated student from university, starts working as an intern in a big company because she admires Sam, the super rich chairwoman since young age.

However, when Mon met Sam again, her image of her completely crashed, since she was not like the media shows her.

Native Title: ทฤษฎีสีชมพู
Drama: GAP
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 0
Airs: Nov 19, 2022 – ?
Airs On: Saturday
Original Network: Channel 3
Content rating: Not Yet Rated
Also Known As: GAP Yuri , GAP the Series , Pink Theory , Tritseedee See Chompoo
Director: Nuttapong Wongkaveepairoj
Genres: Comedy, Romance


Becky Armstrong Mon (Main Role)

Freen Sarocha Chankimha Sam (Main Role)

Heng Asavarid Pinitkanjanapun Kirk (Support Role)


The world of the two of us would be a better place to live. If you mix me and yours together ‘Cause if your world is too bland I’m happy to add brightness to fill your world. wealth and intelligence You’re the woman who made me grow up and wanted to be.

I even agreed to apply for the same job. to be close Maybe it’s because when I was a kid, I fell in love with that wide smile that made my face completely wrinkled like that.

until it becomes love In a way that I personally can’t believe that women can fall in love with a woman together But because we are too different, both as a family, a family, and an 8-year age difference! still the same sex Just the beginning of my love is impossible But what should I do? Well, it’s already in love.

If you can’t go back He could only do one thing, that is, move on. The difference?…It’s not as important as the heart!

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