Eien no Kino (2022)

Native Title: 永遠の昨日

Also Known As: Eternal Yesterday
Screenwriter & Director: Kobayashi Keiichi
Genres: Mystery, Romance, Drama, Supernatural


Drama: Eien no Kino
Country: Japan
Episodes: 8
Airs: Oct 21, 2022 – Dec 9, 2022
Airs On: Friday
Original Network: MBS
Duration: 30 min.
Content Rating: Not Yet Rated


Komiya Rio Yamada Koichi (Main Role)
Niihara Taisuke [Chairman] (Support Role)
Otomo Karen Kagami Yasumiko (Support Role)


17 years old, classmate Mitsuru and Koichi.
The two are strongly attracted to each other because of their polar opposite personalities.

However, one winter morning, Koichi was hit by a truck.
Even though he should have hit his head hard, Kouichi stood up with an innocent face.

Although he has no pulse or heartbeat, Kouichi, who smiles as usual, is indeed “alive” and Mitsuru accepts that contradiction.

However, her classmates gradually begin to forget Koichi’s existence…
Life and death, sex and adolescence mixed together, the definitive edition of adolescent BL that can’t help but cry.

Koichi died in a traffic accident…he’s still alive for some reason. Mitsuru does not want to accept that he is dead. However, Koichi’s existence gradually disappears from other people… Novels version, a major revision from the book.

Compared to the previous work, the psychological depiction is more complete than the conversation Kouichi and Mitsuru in high school. Koichi should have died instantly in a traffic accident while the two of them were on their way to school.

His body is damaged and his heart is in cardiac arrest, but he can talk and has substance. Although it is an occult fantasy, it is difficult to accept that everyday life is cut out suddenly.

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