E Mo Shao Ye Bie Wen Wo (2023)

Native Title: 恶魔少爷别吻我
Drama: E Mo Shao Ye Bie Wen Wo
Country: China
Episodes: 0
Airs: 2023 – ?
Content Rating: Not Yet Rated
Also Known As: 惡魔少爺別吻我
Genres: Romance


Ma Hao Dong Han Qi Lu (Main Role)

Liu Nian An Chu Xia (Main Role)

Jian Ze Zheng An Chen Chuan (Support Role)


An Chuxia (played by Xing Fei) has been living a life of mutual dependence with her mother. The death of her mother has plunged her into despair and helplessness. , Everyone envy An Chuxia for leading a wealthy life, but only An Chuxia knows the warmth and coldness of it.

As the fiancée of Han Qilu (played by Li Hongyi), the eldest young master of the Han family, An Chuxia entered an aristocratic school, but in fact, An Chuxia and Han Qilu disliked each other and were enemies who would quarrel as soon as they met.

The atmosphere in the aristocratic school was very decadent. The students in the class lived a well-fed life without the vigor and spirit that young people should have. The strong and unyielding An Chuxia decided to start from herself and change the status quo.

In the process, An Chuxia gained the favor and pursuit of Ling Hanyu (played by Zhang Jiongmin) and Jiang Chenchuan (played by Fu Longfei), and the relationship between her and Han Qilu gradually changed.

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