Nirvana in Fire

Nirvana in Fire

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Xiaoming Huang isXiao Pingzhang
Xiao Pingzhang
Liu Haoran isXiao Pingjing
Xiao Pingjing
Tong Liya isMeng Qianxue
Meng Qianxue
Wu Haochen isXiao Yuanqi
Xiao Yuanqi
Sun Chun isXiao Tingsheng
Xiao Tingsheng
Guo Jingfei isPu Yangying
Pu Yangying
Liu Jun isEmperor of Liang
Emperor of Liang
Zhang Bo isXun Feizhan
Xun Feizhan


It is based on the virtual history of the Northern and Southern Dynasties in China. When Xiao Xuan , Emperor Zhaoping of Daliang, got the help of Yan Que and Lin Xie when he was young , he won the throne. After Xiao Xuan ascended the throne, Lin Xie was appointed as the commander of the most elite Red Flame Army in Daliang , and Lin Xie’s sister Lin Leyao was also appointed as Concubine Chen , and Concubine Chen also gave birth to Xiao Jingyu, the eldest son of Qi Wang , for Xiao Xuan . When King Qi grew up, he was widely supported by his subjects, but Xiao Xuan, who had entered middle age, became suspicious and worried that King Qi and his uncle Lin Xie would conspire to threaten his imperial power and throne. Xia Jiang , the head of the Xuanjing Division, and Xie Yu, the Marquis of Ningguo were always afraid that King Qi would harm their interests when he took power. At the same time, they also understood Xiao Xuan’s doubts about King Qi and Lin Xie, so they set up a bureau to frame King Qi and Lin Xie.

Daliang’s enemy country, Da Yu, was marching south, and Xiao Xuan ordered Lin Xie to lead 70,000 Chiyan Army soldiers to the front line to meet the enemy. One hundred thousand went to the front line to monitor. At this time, the Chiyan Army and the Dayu Army fought bloody battles in Meiling for three days and three nights, and finally defeated the Dayu Army. The 70,000-strong Chiyan Army was wiped out in Meiling, and the commander-in-chief Lin Kui was also killed. After the Chiyan Army was destroyed, Xie Yu and Xia Jiang even framed Lin Xie, the envoy of King Qi Xiao Jingyu, for betrayal. King Qi’s biological mother, Concubine Chen, also hanged herself, and Lin Xie’s wife, Princess Jinyang, committed suicide in front of Xiao Xuan and other ministers in Chaoyang Hall. From then on, Chi Yanjun, King Qi, Lin Xie, and Concubine Chen became taboos in Daliang, and subjects and people were forbidden to talk about it.

However, Lin Shu , the young commander of Chiyan who went to Meiling with his father Lin Xie , was lucky enough to survive under the protection of his father . Through the pain of cutting bones and flesh, Lin Shu finally relieved the fire and cold poison, but his voice and appearance changed completely, his body also became weak and fearful of cold, and he could no longer enjoy an ordinary life. Later , with the help of Langya Pavilion , Lin Shu gathered together the surviving Chi Yan old clan and worthy people, and turned into Mei Changsu, the leader of the Jiangzuo League, the largest gang in the world . Twelve years later, Mei Changsu has become the world-famous Langya leader, known as a unicorn genius , and Xiao Xuan’s two sons: the prince Xiao Jingxuan and the honorary king Xiao Jinghuan are fighting for the crown prince. Recruit Mei Changsu for his own use.

In the end, Mei Changsu decided to change his name to Su Zhe , and returned to the imperial capital Jinling in a white body on the grounds of recuperating from illness and the invitation of a close friend to the capital. On the surface, he chose to assist King Yu to deal with the prince, but in fact he was helping the only one who still retains the character of King Qi. , but King Xiao Jingyan of Jing, who was not favored by the emperor Xiao Xuan, competed for the position of the heir, Lin Shu was determined to make King Jing the heir within his limited lifespan, and finally avenged King Qi and the Chi Yan army and made a grievance.

Also Known As: Rankings of Lang Ya , The Lang Ya Rankings , Lang Ya Bang , 瑯琊榜
Director: Kong Sheng, Li Xue
Screenwriter: Hai Yan
Genres: Military, Wuxia, Drama, Political

Original title 琅琊榜
TMDb Rating 9.4 15 votes
First air date Sep. 19, 2015
Last air date Feb. 12, 2018
Seasons 2
Episodes 104
Average Duration 45 minutes

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