Fall in Love (2022)

Fall in Love (2022)

Jun. 06, 2022
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Joey Chua isJing Zhixia
Jing Zhixia
Xiao Kaizhong isFu Zeyi /
Fu Zeyi / "Ge Lin"
Huang Yunyun isHe Bei'er
He Bei'er
Zhou Xiaochuan isFu Chengrong
Fu Chengrong
Yu Kaining isYe Yi Xi
Ye Yi Xi


Miss Tsundere Jing Zhixia (played by Cai Zhuoyi) meets Fu Zeyi (played by Xiao Kaizhong), a dual personality tyrant.

A sweet and cruel “love triangle” between two people is about to start, and the strong male and female super cool adult-style love story.

In short, it’s like a well-crafted shit, and I can’t get three stars after watching the tenth episode. The plot of dbq is too hard.

The heroine is inexplicably sick and kowtows for no reason. The hero is coming to save me. Although the picture is good, the plot is too bad.

Although there are some funny plots that are very enjoyable to watch, it is really impossible to have such inexplicable plots from time to time, really not! ! ! In the fifth episode, there are Easter eggs for His Royal Highness Leng.

That drama is much more complete, at least it has a complete storyline In addition, the casting of the deputy cp failed, and the official marketing ghost at station.

In the first episode, the heroine wanted to find a professional person to run her hotel because she didn’t want to annoy the hero. She agreed to pay compensation when she knew it was the agent’s fault (the hotel’s furnishings were the same, which resulted in infringement of the heroine’s hotel).

The agent infringes, causing damage to the rights and interests of the principal, and the agent shall bear legal responsibility. 2. The heroine does not claim and sue to delay the time, but secretly sells shares
The change of equity only needs to sign the contract. It is not mentioned at all in other procedures dramas. 5.

During the year when the hostess was in charge of the hotel, nothing was clear. In the end, it was the second character of the male protagonist who sent information to keep the hotel

The heroine is simply incompetent. Don’t run the hotel at all and don’t take responsibility.

In the face of making things difficult for the guests, she asked her to clean the suite, and she really cleaned the suite.

The most important thing in these episodes is cleaning. The screenwriter can’t check the information well, and got such a heroine.

The play tells the story of Fu Zeyi, the black-bellied and fickle boss, who met the hotel daughter Jing Zhixia and fell in love at first sight. Later, the fetters of dual personalities became a love triangle relationship.

The evenly matched double-strong routine, the deep ambiguity under the extreme push and pull, the two started a series of sweet and cruel stories in the daily life of mutual attack and fishing.

Different from common urban romance dramas, the characters of the male and female protagonists in “Love from Zero to One” are unexpectedly anti-routine. In the previously released trailer, Jing Zhixia (played by Cai Zhuoyi) is a young lady who has been carefree since childhood.

She is a rich second-generation person, but her character is very “down to earth”, free and eccentric. When she fell in love with Fu Zeyi/Lin (played by Xiao Kaizhong) at first sight in the theater, she quickly launched an offensive and acted boldly and straight.

From dropping by, making an appointment, to confirming the relationship with the other party, the whole process was completed in one go, which can be called a textbook-level female chasing male.
But the boy she liked was incomprehensible. The day before, she said “I love you” softly like water, but left a black card and disappeared without a trace the next day. A series of operations are joyful and sweet.

Also Known As: Cong Ling Dao Yi De Ai Qing , 從零到一的愛情 , Love From Zero to One
Genres: Romance, Drama

Fall in Love (2022)
Fall in Love (2022)
Original title 从零到一的爱情
First air date Jun. 06, 2022
Last air date Jun. 14, 2022
Seasons 1
Episodes 18
Average Duration 25 minutes

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