Double (2022)

Double (2022)

Jun. 04, 2022
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Ayako Noda



The drama attracted attention as a unique manga depicting the world of theater and actors, and won the 23rd (2020) Japan Media Arts Festival Manga Division Excellence Award, Ayako Noda’s drama “Double” (“Double”. Based on “Flat Heroes” serialized).

She was born in 1989, and her first co-starring “Double” starring Chiba (March 9th) and Nagayama (March 7th), whose birthdays are two days different, was realized.

The newly announced main casts are as follows. Nanami Sakuraba plays the role of Kazue Colda, a manager who scouts at an entertainment agency because she is fascinated by the many people I saw on the street . Horii Arata plays the role of Todoroki Falls, who is active as a popular actor and becomes a good comrade with Ryo Taya and Tomohito .

Haruka Kudo plays the role of Aihime Imagiri, who is interested in Tayayoshi with the faces of an idol and an acting actress . Misuzu Kanno plays the role of Funato Hanae, who is a stage director and moves the fate of Ryo Taya . Kanji Tsuda plays the role of Soichi Kurozu, who is one of Japan’s leading film directors and discovers his talent when he meets Takara .

 In addition, as the people surrounding them, Shunya Itabashi will play the role of Hideo Mizuno, the leader of the “Theatrical Troupe Hero” to which Ryo Taya and Tomohito belong, and Tomoya Maeno will play the role of Tatsuhiko Kawakami, a manga artist who lives in the same apartment as the two .

Ron Mizuma plays the role of Shinya Nagata, who presides over the theater company with two theater companions., Jun Hashimoto will play the role of Jun Hashimoto as the president of the entertainment agency “Flat” to which Ryo Taya belongs , and Shinobu Nakayama will play the role of Minami Kamino, the president’s wife and actress who is a signboard of Flat .

In addition, a special video has arrived. Starting with the line of Ryo Taya, “All this world is one stage,” the appearance of Ryo Taya and Tomohito on the stage and the conflicting situation were projected.
Additional casts will wait for more news.

Also Known As: Daburu
Screenwriter: Yoshida Erika
Director: Eda Yuuka
Genres: Psychological, Drama

Original title ダブル
First air date Jun. 04, 2022
Last air date Jun. 04, 2022
Seasons 1
Episodes 1

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