Can This Be Love (2022)

Can This Be Love (2022)

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Can This Be Love is a film starring Hero Angeles and Sandara Park, with Roxanne Guinoo, Joross Gamboa, and Paw Diaz. Fresh from the victorious SCQ, the movie grossed about 100.05 Million nationwide.

In a world full of fear, will you gamble to be happy? When you keep asking can this be real? And your heart keeps saying you’ve found home… then it must be LOVE.

A romantic comedy series about a young catechist named Caloy and an old transgender named Dora making their way in finding what true love means. Find out how they answered the question, Can This be Love?

The first episode was awful. It is hardly believable that it was written by the same person who wrote “Love is” which wasn’t the best of all series, but at least watchable. Who wants to see a boy on the toilet, or someone tasting someone else’s puke? Embarrassing. Joel’s acting was okay,

which made the others’ acting look the more amateurish. Editing was poor, too. It’s disappointing as Bright A 3 have proven they can do better.

Original title Can This Be Love

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