Festa: Schadenfreude (2022)

Festa: Schadenfreude (2022)

Jun. 01, 2022
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‘Woman Who Lives Misfortune’ PD “It feels like I got hit in the head after reading the script.. It’s not just a story for women “Our drama is a story of two women who love and hate each other deeply.”

‘The Woman Who Lives Misfortune’ PD Kim Ye-ji said, “I felt like I was hit in the back of the head while reading the script.”

At the production presentation of JTBC’s drama Festa ‘The Woman Who Lives in Misfortune’ held online on the morning of the 31st, she said, “I wanted to convey a message through characters whose boundaries between good and evil are unclear, and to draw psychological suspense.”

He said, “It was a script that stimulated me after a long time.

There was nothing missing from the composition, the story, the characters,” he said, confidently saying, “It is a drama that has a clear message of looking back at me after feeling catharsis until the end.”

PD Kim said, “The title is ‘Woman Who Lives in Misfortune’, but it’s not just about women. Ultimately, it is a story about human nature.

A woman’s enemy is not a story that begins with the frame of being a woman.”

The part that puts the most emphasis on the production is said to be ‘tension’. PD Kim said, “One of the charms of this drama is ‘destructive power in restraint’.

It is more of a suspense than a psychological drama. It was very interesting to see the nervous and close emotions felt in the script. I tried to save the breath-taking point as much as possible Expressing emotions in one dimension can give you a low-level feeling, so I tried to direct it by maintaining as much restraint and tension as possible.”

‘The Woman Who Lives in Misfortune’ is about a close brother Jeong Soo-yeon (played by Jung Soo-yeon), who lived a life where unhappiness like poison fell in the house of Cha Seon-joo.
who is living a full life as a good person, a good wife, and a great novelist. Baek Eun-hye) is a psychological drama that depicts the cracks in their relationship when they enter.

Through the close relationship of two women disguised as friendship, the film will show the essence of a one-act play by carefully examining the cruel human instinct to wish for the misfortune of others.

Director Kim Ye-ji, who has worked as a producer in major works such as ‘The World of the Married’ and ‘Undercover’ as the winner of the Grand Prize in the JTBC 2020 Drama Script Contest Single Act, is raising expectations for direct.

Also Known As: Drama Festa: The Woman Who Lives in Misfortune , Bulhaengeul Saneun Yeoja
Screenwriter: Lee Hyo Won

Original title 불행을 사는 여자
First air date Jun. 01, 2022
Last air date Jun. 01, 2022
Seasons 1
Episodes 1

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