Zenryoku! Cleaners (2022)

Zenryoku! Cleaners (2022)

Apr. 17, 2022
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Gotokuji Yu, a.k.a. “Gotchin”, is a third-year university student in the midst of his job hunting activities who tends to regret everything. On the day he loses his 31st consecutive job hunting match, his beloved bicycle is stolen and a “stinky guy” accuses him of having something to do with it and beats him up… but at that moment, a young person appears and punishes the stinky guy with their brilliant body language!
Gokchin is saved by Hitotsubashi Hajime, aka “Hajime-chan. Gokuchin’s best friend from elementary school, they have not seen each other since elementary school when Hajime-chan transferred to a different school.

Gokuchin loved Hajime-chan, who was popular in class and had a strong sense of justice, but he had always regretted that they had separated after a quarrel before transferring schools.
When Hajime-chan told him that she had recently returned to this town, he asked her, “Why don’t we clean up this town together? Let’s call ourselves the Cleaners! Gokuchin was half-way forcefully recruited by the mysterious team. He was taken to a cleaning company where Hajime-chan was working part-time as a live-in worker.

There were Enomoto Jiro, aka Jiro, who is always worried about his bangs, Shimura Yuto, aka Yonban, who strikes an action star pose, and Mitsumame Ryo, aka Omame, who looks like a yankee. On the day when the five come together for the first time, the Cleaners begin their “cleaning of the darkness” in order to clean up the city’s evil…!

Zenryoku! Cleaners (2022)
Zenryoku! Cleaners (2022)
Original title 全力!クリーナーズ
First air date Apr. 17, 2022
Last air date Jun. 05, 2022
Seasons 1
Episodes 8

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