Convenience Store Heroes (2022)

Native Title: コンビニ★ヒーローズ

Also Known As: Konbini ★ Heroes , Konbini ★ Hirozu , Konbini ★ Heroes: Anata no SOS Itadakimashita!! , Konbini ★ Heroes: Anata no Esuoesu Itadakimashita!! , Konbini ★ Hirozu: Anata no SOS Itadakimashita!! , Konbini ★ Hirozu: Anata no Esuoesu Itadakimashita!! , コンビニ★ヒーローズ ~あなたのSOSいた
Screenwriter: Yamada Yoshitatsu
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama


Drama: Convenience Store Heroes
Country: Japan
Episodes: 10
Airs: Oct 19, 2022 – Dec 21, 2022
Airs On: Wednesday
Original Network: BS Fuji, KTV
Duration: 30 min.
Content Rating: Not Yet Rated


Yokota Mayuu Kurenai Akari (Main Role)
Ozaki Takumi Konno Aota (Support Role)
Yabuki Nako Shimamura Mizuki (Guest Role)


“Katsuai-kun”, who is also the “sixth hero”, will deliver the highlights of the drama and how to enjoy it! Also pay attention to the round-table discussion where the real intentions come out!

The special ability of the innocent convenience store clerk Kurenai Akari (Mayu Yokota) is to not miss the “slight sense of incompatibility given by regular customers” = “SOS”. She says, “Something’s up! I can’t leave you alone!!” Just to solve the customer’s troubles…!

However, the strategy to unleash is secret shooting? Cosplay? table tennis? dynamite? time travel! ! ?
Surviving the unpredictable developments that occur every time with “convenience” slapstick team play and the end is impressive!
The super meddlesome heroes will protect the peace of the city today as well! !

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