Cong Tian Er Jiang De Xing Yun Xing (2023)

Native Title: 从天而降的幸运星
Drama: Cong Tian Er Jiang De Xing Yun Xing
Country: China
Episodes: 0
Airs: 2023 – ?
Content Rating: Not Yet Rated
Also Known As: 從天而降的幸運星


Jesse Ren (Main Role)

Zhang Xin Yi (Main Role)


“Ivy League International Award Novel: Luck from the Sky” tells the story of a brave and witty 11-year-old girl who sets up a detective agency with her best friend to solve the 11-year-old mystery in the town. After this summer vacation, the girl Mo will be in 6th grade.

Eleven years ago, she was swept into the town of Tupelo by a hurricane, and was adopted by Miss Lana, the owner of the town’s cafe, and a man who called himself a colonel with amnesia.

In order to help Mo find the “mother up the river”, all the people in the town will help her put down a drift bottle when she goes out.

In this small town of only 148 people, full of warmth and coziness, no one would have imagined that a murder case would happen here – a middle-aged man who is usually not noticeable was killed, followed by the disappearance of the colonel, the Miss Na is tied up, and life in the town is turned upside down.

Brave and clever, Mo and his best friend Dale formed the “Desperate Detective Agency”, vowing to find out the murderer and protect the only family he knew. In the end, will she solve the mystery and save Miss Lana? Can the colonel recover his memory and find out the most crucial secret? Can Mo find the “mother upstream of the river”? Will she be as lucky as ever?

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