Shiko Funjatta! (2022)

It was a shit. is a Japanese movie released in 1992 . Directed and written by Masayuki Suo . The main character is Masahiro Motoki .

A comedy film comically depicting the struggles of a university student who joins a weak sumo club on the brink of abolishment in exchange for credits for graduation .

Winner of the 35th Blue Ribbon Award for Best Picture and the 16th Japan Academy Award for Best Picture. After the release of the movie, a novel version was also written by the director Suo himself.

Native Title:シコふんじゃった!

Also Known As: Sumo Do, Sumo Don’t , Shiko Funjyatta!
Genres: Comedy, Life, Sports


Drama: Shiko Funjatta!
Country: Japan
Episodes: 10
Airs: Oct 26, 2022 – Dec 28, 2022
Airs On: Wednesday
Content Rating: Not Yet Rated


Hayama Shono Moriyama Ryota (Main Role)
Ihara Rikka Ohba Honoka (Main Role)
Sato Megumi Tazawa Arisa (Support Role)


A sports comedy comically depicting the struggles of a university student who by chance ends up joining a sumo club on the verge of being abolished by Suo Masayuki of “Fancy Dance”.

One day, Akihira, a fourth-year student at Kyoryu University who had already decided to get a job through his father’s connections, was summoned by his graduation thesis professor, Anayama.

I am asked to appear in a sumo club match that plays However, the only person in the sumo club was Shimizu, an 8th grader who had never won a match before.

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